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Asia's Next Top Model; Go Melissa Thng (Malaysian)


Hi korang semua apa khabar? so guess you guys just fine, okay?

This week mode I telah d influence by Asia's Next Top Model! Urrghhh those girls are beautiful and sangat-sangat lucky dapat involve themselves in the competition. nak tau sapa contestants tak?

these! are they beautiful? YES !!

our Malaysian represent by Melissa Thng and nanti u all akan tau mana satu Melissa, ok? of course she's cute!


Our very own Malaysia, Melissa!

The high fashion look!

kesemuanya ada 14 contestants. ada yang takda pengalaman langsung dan ada yang sudah menempa nama dalam industri modelling ni. contohnya macam Melissa Thng yang lack of experience dalam modelling ni even runaway pun dia tak penah buat! tetapi lady ni ada semangat yang tinggi nak belajar walaupun pada minggu pertama, she was at the bottom two after Kayla, the Singaporean yang dah awal-awal terkeluar.

dan yang mengejutkan, dalam minggu ke 2, Melissa membuat kejutan apabila juri mengatakan gambarnya lebih baik daripada Trang, the High Fashion look! Well, to Melissa well done! hope you learn more and improve. dengan enthusiasm anda i yakin dia boleh sampai lebih jauh dalam episod-episod yang seterusnya! go Melissa!

to watch more or know more about this TV Show just klik ANTM.


Adi Herman said...

habisla sidak tok kenak mentally tortured oleh Tyra Banks..hehe

Damia Lhan said...

haha bro you should go to the website. Tyra Banks just a producer for this show, the judges are Nadya, Daniel Boey and the International Photographer Todd Anthony and last night, I have a chit chat with Todd! that's awesome!! :D

Anonymous said...

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