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Asia's Next Top Model - Melissa Th'ng's Elimination


Sigh, its has been 2 weeks of Mellisa Thng Elimination on Asia's Next Top Model. The other lights in the model's house gone. Such a sad when she leave because I love her personalities but for me, she'd done well. She is the most LEAST experience in this competition but with her high enthusiasm, she can stand until Top 7! That's a good achievements for her, and Malaysia especially!

The Last Photograph (episode 7)

The judges said that this was the most weakest photo of the weak and the emotions were zero and flattered. She was in the bottom 2 for the 3rd time and that time, Helena Chan (hong kong) was also in the bottom 2.

Well its also in my expectation that Melissa will go home on Episode 7 because to compare her to the other girls who left, she's the most weakest. But i know she tried her hard and being in the Top 7 were good enough.

While they were in the bottom 2, Helena stays.

Those 2, Helena and Melissa were battling their attitude in the competition that Helena attitude were more crumble, or i can say it Rude. for those who watch above episode, you'll see how crumble and rude Helena is after she's been judged by the judges and advice her. And for those who wanna know this, Helena and Melissa being awkward to each other in the house that Helena told something bad towards Melissa. And ya, Helena always judging the girls in the house with her own opinion, which was annoying for me. But Melissa just patiently calm and do not care at all and proceed to work hard in the show. Go girl! That's makes the judges love her.

Nady Hutagalung, the Host also the Judge hugs Melissa after announcing Melissa elimination.

Okay... we hope that Melissa will proceed her model career eventhough she's not winning the competition.
Oh ya, before we end, lets have a look of Melissa's best shots in ANTM.

Episode 1 - Quirky
She was in the bottom 2 with Kayla (S'Pore) and Melissa stayed.

Episode 2 - Masculine Pose 

Episode 3 - Zodiac
Judges said that she took best photo than Trang (vietnam)

Episode 4 - Being Sexy with Jason Geodfrey
This is her best shot!

Episode 5 - Elegant (French Rivera)
She was in the bottom 2 with Trang, and Trang left

Episode 6 - Secret in the Eye (Tresemme)
She's beautiful

Episode 7 - Natural (WWF, Singapore)
The weakest photo. She's home this time.

What do you think of Melissa Thng? Well I think she's improved a lot actually and hope that she success whatever she do. Don't forget to watch Episode 9 Asia's next Top Model tonight at 8:55p.m (Malaysia) only on Star World and whose gonna go home tonight? :)

Like Asia's Next Top Model page to get more information on the show and also go to Melissa Thng official fan page and like. support her! :)


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